Hey, That's No Badge!!

Investigators from the Harris County Sheriff's Office are looking for a dude who looks something like the sketch to the right. If you see him, whatever you do, don't ask to see his badge.

Christina Garza of the HCSO says the man is wanted in connection with exposing himself to two girls, ages seven and 10, in Spring.

The girls were riding a mini-scooter when the man approached and told them he was a cop. An undercover cop, which is why he didn't have a uniform on.

We'll let the sheriff's department continue the tale:

He then got out of the car and asked the girls what they were doing in the neighborhood and if they were using drugs. He then patted them down. When one of the girls asked to see his badge, the suspect exposed himself, got back in his car and left.

Very smart move on the kid's part, asking for a badge. Unfortunately it didn't turn out as intended, but that's not her fault.

While it is reprehensible to expose yourself to little girls, perhaps we shouldn't pass judgment until we know for sure that he is indeed not some anti-drug superhero whose first language unfortunately translates "badge" as "cock."

Anyone who knows who this guy is, the sheriff's Crimes Against Children department would like to talk to you, at 713-529-4216.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.