HFD Captain Threatens to Make Hispanic Male Teens "Deceased" on Facebook

Apparently Hispanic male teenagers should watch out around a Houston Fire Department captain, who threatened to "make them deceased," saying during a Facebook rant that "Hands Up, Don't Shoot shit" doesn't work with him.

The department is investigating HFD Captain Larry Batiste after he posted the threat on his Facebook page after finding his truck broken into early one morning, according to KHOU.

The post, which inexplicably contained nonsensical words like "pisstivity," threatened to kill the teens who committed the crime.

"To all parents who have Hispanic male teenagers in Hunters Glen IV, your piece of s-t kids broke into my truck at 02:00.43 this morning and took my personal belongings. For this, they just got their Christmas, graduation, wedding and kid's birthday parties cancelled because I will make them deceased if I find them. They better pray that the Missouri City Police finds them first! Stupid crooks do stupid things and stupid parents who don't know where their kids are on a school night/morning must suffer the consequences of burying their child needlessly. That 'hands up, don't shoot' s-t won't work with me! I AM PISSED OFF TO THE HIGHEST OF PISSTIVITY!!!!"

The post, which has since been taken down from Batiste's wall, was brought to the attention of Houston Fire Department Chief Terry Garrison, who put the captain on administrative duty while the investigation was ongoing.

Garrison said the department is pushing to conclude the investigation as quickly as possible, and they hope "to get it done in as short as a couple of weeks," according to the Chron.

This is not the first time HFD has come under fire for allegations of racism. In June, Kerry Williams, an emergency medical technician with the fire department, came under scrutiny after posting on Facebook that he was looking for a "drunk Mexican" while searching Lake Houston for a drowning victim.

Williams was relieved of duty with pay and transferred to an administrative position during the investigation.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.