High School Photo Contest: Faces

Our high school photo contest has now entered its sophomore year, and we've got

some photos to share


Last month's theme was Faces, and as you can see, we got a lot of mugs.

Our next theme is Recovery, whether from Ike, from an accident, from an addiction, from a fumble, from a political situation -- you name it.

The contest is open to all Houston-area high school students. See below for the full rules. -- Keith Plocek

The Houston Press is sponsoring a photo contest for high school students. If you’ve dropped out, sorry, drop back in. Life is tough and besides, if you’re a dropout, you won’t be able to use a $1,000 college scholarship, will you?

To make this work, you need to give us some basic information and e-mail us your photos. Limit three entries per person each month. Your name, address, phone number, email address, high school and photo caption must accompany each entry or submission is void. Winners will be announced in the Houston Press and at www.houstonpress.com next month. Use of winners’ photographs will be at the discretion of the Houston Press.

Submissions should be 72 dpi, with horizontal photos resized to a width of 450 px and vertical photos resized to a width of 400 px.

After the passing of each month’s deadline, we’ll post the photos online and readers get to vote for their favorites.

Each month we’ll name up to 3 winners (1st through 3rd places) and a Reader’s Choice winner (if it happens to differ from our picks). The top finishers get bookstore gift cards. Then at the end of the year, all the top finishers have their best work thrown into one pot to be evaluated by an outside panel of experts in photojournalism. The ultimate winner picks up a $1,000 scholarship.

Send all entries to:


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