Hilary Duff's Dad Did Do Some Hard Time

We've heard back from Robert Piro, the divorce attorney for Hilary Duff's dad, and there is more to the dad's tale of woe than we

first reported


And it's pretty funny. Unless you're Hilary Duff's dad.

As we noted, the media all reported how a judge sentenced Bob Duff to 10 days in jail for contempt of court, but -- according to a Harris County Sheriff's Office spokesperson -- Duff spent only a brief time in stir before being released.

It turns out he was in jail overnight -- because a clerk at the appeals court sent the order freeing him to the wrong fax number at the jail.

We told Piro that the jail records indicated Duff had spent almost no time at the jail.

"That's the way it was supposed to be -- the court of appeals that afternoon issued an order that would have released him; they sent it to the sheriff's office but they sent it to the wrong fax number and the sheriff never got it," Piro says. "So there we are, seven o'clock at night and the courts are all closed and the sheriff hadn't received the order of release."

Duff "was sprung pretty quickly" the next morning after the mistake was rectified, Piro says.

Duff was kept away from the general population, in a solitary holding cell, because officers knew he wouldn't be there long, the attorney says.

So Hilary, you it turns you can write a my-dad's-in-the-slammer-and--my-dog-done-died tune after all.

-- Richard Connelly

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