Hip-Hop Jeweler's NBA All-Star Version of the Mattress Mack Refund Bet

Johnny Dang, impresario of the local jewelry outfit made famous through countless hip-hop records (and his association with rapper Paul Wall), is taking a page from the Mattress Mack playbook.

Dang and Wall are betting that Dwight Howard and James Harden help pull off a win over the Eastern Conference in this weekend's NBA All-Star game.

Yes, lovers, this bet comes just in time for Valentine's Day.

"Come in and get your custom watch today, if the Eastern Conference wins you get a full cash refund and you get to keep the watch," Paul Wall sounds off in an ad placed on YouTube this week.

Where Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale used the Super Bowl to promote his Gallery Furniture stores and offer refunds if Seattle won the game, Dang, known as TV Johnny, will offer up his diamond-studded watch collection.

Word trickled onto Dang's Instagram account with a video announcing "Breaking News...TV Johnny Bets it All" on Tuesday -- surprisingly enough, the same day gold prices went up.

If you go to Dang's website -- and click past the Katy Perry photo -- you can see in small print "All-Star Bet" with a list of watches in Dang and Wall's signatures collection. These deluxe watches range in price from the high hundreds to more than $10,000.

McIngvale may have taken a hit when he offered refunds to customers who spent $6,000 or more ahead of the Super Bowl's kick-off earlier this month. It reportedly brought in around 1,100 customers who spent $7 million on comfy furniture. But it was all money he had to pay back.

But despite the result of that contest, Dang is ready to put his money where his gold grillz are and fired back at critics on his social media account.

"Don't talk shit when y'all don't know any thing smfh ...

Would Dang survive a large payout if the Eastern Conference, led by Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony, outplay the West? While there's no clear minimum on the merchandise you can buy under the jeweler's All-Star game deal, Dang will probably be in good shape given his history as one of Houston's best-known jewelry dealers.

While you won't be able to score a Rolex in the deal, there's plenty to make your wrist glow.

Among the most expensive options is a silver and diamond bezel CW-0109 watch -- encased in so many diamonds that you might get a seizure if it hits the sunlight the right way -- for $11,500.

If Dang can sell enough watches in that price range and the Western Conference comes out victorious, well, it will have been a move well played and maybe Mattress Mack should take some notes.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.