Hippie Costumes, the Awful Scourge of Halloween: Seven Telling Examples

Hippies. Proof that anything can become nostalgic.

We're not sure kids in the `60s dressed up like Roaring Twenties flappers -- although, judging from what we posted recently, it would be an improvement -- but people today apparently try to dress up like hippies.

Why, we're not sure. And, it must be said, the dedication to historical accuracy is sometimes lacking. We mean come on -- the guy in the iconic photo to the upper right, putting a flower in the gun barrel? According to the Washington Post, when the shot was taken "he was on his way to San Francisco, where he would come out of the closet, take the name Hibiscus and co-found the flamboyant, psychedelic, gay-themed drag troupe called the Cockettes." That's stone hippie.

As for the hippies you'll see this Halloween, here are seven telling, sad examples:

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Richard Connelly
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