HISD Board Still Struggling With Stunning New Concept Of "Television"

Two years ago, we wrote about how HISD was having trouble with the seemingly simple task of televising their meetings on the cable channel they run.

The district had long said their outdated headquarters building couldn't handle the logistics, which sounded shaky enough; after moving into a new building and not televising meetings it looked even more fishy.

Now the Houston Chronicle has picked up the cause, and the topic came up in a board workshop today. (Which wasn't televised, of course, but once again Chron reporter Ericka Mellon live-blogged it.)

Bottom line: Don't expect to see important school-board discussions televised anytime soon.

As Jason Spencer notes, the best the board could agree on was to show the largely ceremonial monthly meetings, not the workshops where the real decisions and wrangling occur.

One board member, Manuel Rodriguez, even opined that the HISD channel would be better used putting on educational programming during the workshops, which begin at 7:30 a.m.

The whole incredibly drawn-out process to bring the HISD board into the 1990s would be laughable if it weren't so...ummm...laughable.

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