HISD Cancels All Soccer Games This Week

Get ready for snickers from the Midwest and Northeast, if they possibly get this news through the tons of ice and snow they're buried under: HISD is canceling all soccer games for the rest of the week.

Soccer is the only outdoor sport going on now, and afternoon temps might get down below 50!! (We don't think the district has any games scheduled for overnight, when it'll drop to the mid-20s.)

The indoor stuff -- basketball, wrestling -- will go on as planned. Unless, of course, there is a snowflake somewhere in the greater metropolitan area, and then all bets are off.

"We will be keeping a close watch on the weather this week," spokesman Norm Uhl says.


Of course, it's easy to write "wimps" when you're not facing an outdoor middle-school soccer game with the wind howling and your kid's team down 8-0 in the first 20 minutes. Although we're sure the warm glow of the joys of parenthood will keep the cold away.

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