HISD Cancels Outdoor Sports This Afternoon As Horrendous Blizzard Threatens

The Houston school district has canceled "outdoor athletic trips" today, spokesman Norm Uhl says.

"This has to do with playing games in the weather. Our indoor athletics events such as basketball are NOT cancelled," he says.

Temperatures are expected to reach the low teens this afternoon, with as much as eight inches of snow throughout the Houston area. We guess so, at any rate, judging from the HISD move.

Actually, of course, it's probably going to be little more than a dusting of snow for most of Houston, and no snow at all for large portions. (Added: And temps won't be below freezing.)

Areas north of I-10 will get the brunt of it, such as it is. Traffic will suck, as the precipitation is expected to come during the afternoon rush hour.

But we won't exactly be digging ourselves out for days, or needing to stock up on the non-perishables and toilet paper.

You might want to make sure you're cel phone or camera is charged up though. Even a dusting can result in good pictures, and we want you out there sending them to our Houston Press Flickr group.

Unless you were planning to shoot any HISD outdoor sports. Then you're out of luck.

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Richard Connelly
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