HISD says it wants another day before it takes to the roads.
HISD says it wants another day before it takes to the roads.
Photo by Jack Gorman

HISD Will Stay Closed on Wednesday [UPDATED]

HISD has just released a statement that all its schools and offices will be closed Wednesday.

Describing it as "a precautionary measure because of inclement weather and the related potential for dangerous road conditions," a press release from the district said that the expectation of continuing icy road conditions on Wednesday prompted their decision.

"There's ice on the roads and really hazardous conditions. We don't want to put anybody in harm's way," said Superintendent Richard Carranza, reached by phone.

"I think when you have ice not only on bridges but now on the roads, everything is a slip sliding mess. The conditions are not getting any better."

Carranza said some of his staff had already reached out to the Texas Education Agency which is in charge of making sure students attend a certain minimum number of school days each year.

"I think we're going to be in very good company. All of the schools in the greater Houston area made the same decision. So I think that all of us as a collective voice will go to TEA and see what we can do to get some of the time forgiven or else know what we have to do to make up the time."

Schools and offices are expected to reopen at their regularly scheduled time on Thursday, January 18.

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