HISD: Home Of The World's Busiest Drug-Sniffing Dog

Houston school officials want to be very clear -- the latest employees arrested for drugs were not teachers at a northwest side charter school.

Their desire to make the point clear is understandable, given that so many teachers and staffers have been nabbed for pot lately.

So let's emphasize -- the two people arrested for drugs today are not teachers at the charter school.

Instead they were a teacher and an administrator working at the neighboring North Region Office of HISD.

Who were working there because they had been reassigned for having earlier been found with drugs. (Today's lesson: Ballsiness.)

Not that the Inspired For Excellence Charter school is peachy-keen: "The site administrator of the charter school, which is on the same property (as the regional office) requested the drug dog sweep three weeks ago," HISD spokesman Norm Uhl says. (There must have been some questions about how Inspiration was coming about.)

And he adds this, which is really great: "Since our drug dog has been busy lately following up on anonymous tips, the requested search was scheduled for today."

Ah, HISD -- where the drug dogs are so busy there's a three-week wait to get them out to your school.

-- Richard Connelly

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