HISD Hoops Classic: A-Hole Coach 170, Lee High School 35

It was the biggest rout since Hitler's Panzers took on Poland's cavalry, and showed about as much sportsmanship: The powerful, undefeated Yates High basketball creamed not-so-powerful Lee 170-35, pressing and gunning all the way.

The halftime score was Yates 100-12, so obviously the Lions couldn't take their foot off the gas for fear of a Lee comeback.

Yates coach Greg Wise, who we can only imagine was interviewed in between tripping old ladies with walkers and giggling, told the Houston Chronicle that his mad coaching skillz demanded no less than what happened.

"We practice running, pressing, trapping every day," he said, probably while he idly picked the wings off an insect. "If we get to a game and I tell them not to do what we do in practice, I am not coaching well. I am not leaving my starters in the whole game. We have 15 guys, and all 15 play."

Shades of former UH football coach (and sleazeball) John Jenkins, who used to complain that he got a bad rap for continuing to pass as his team won by scores like 95-21. His offense just wasn't designed not to score (against pathetically overmatched teams), he said.

Lee's coach admitted last night he felt "disrespected." He shouldn't: He's not the one who comes off looking like an a-hole.

We've asked HISD spokesman Norm Uhl if the district has any sort of "sportsmanship" policy that might come into play when a team does what Yates did, and if so whether there will be any action taken in regards to the game.

He replies:

There's no policy. You really can't tell players not to play to the best of their ability, but we will remind all of our players to do so while observing good sportsmanlike conduct. The Yates team set out to break a state record and they did, even though that was obviously frustrating to Lee's team.

I would also point out that this was a brief shoving match between two players following a foul. The benches did clear, but the coaches gained control of the situation quickly and not a single punch was thrown. I personally wouldn't call that a fight. More of an altercation or shoving match.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.