HISD Set To Pick Old White Guy For Next Superintendent?

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that HISD seems to have settled on Terry Grier, of the San Diego school district, to be its next superintendent. They have the sources over there, so we're inclined to believe it.

Earlier this afternoon HISD spokesman Norm Uhl sent out word that the supe pick would not be announced today or at the board's morning meeting tomorrow, but he said "it is anticipated that the board WILL take action either tomorrow afternoon or Monday." So the process was clearly coming to a head.

Grier has not spent much time in San Diego, taking the job only in March of last year. Before that he was in Greenville, S.C., and quick googling shows not everyone was happy.

Wrote one blogger:

Grier appeared to thrive on confrontation. Perhaps he enjoyed it, or felt that it keep him on his toes. He said more than once that he worked for "the majority of the school board," one of the most in your face, f-you statements that we have ever heard a public official make. His relationships with the media seemed to reflect that as well. He wanted positive publicity, not reporting, and he never seemed to desire a relationship with the press that was one of mutual respect, just one of subservience to him. When they reported things he did not want the public to know, he berated them for it.

Where have you gone, Terry Abbott?

Even when he won a Superintendent of the Year award there, the local paper felt obliged to comment: "Dr. Terry Grier, 2008 North Carolina Superintendent of the Year. Let it roll around your tongue for a moment....He's certainly inspired a range of emotions. This is a prestigious award, certainly the highest one in the state for a superintendent. But remember the "Get Terry Grier Outta Here" signs?"

It also appears Grier had some battles with the San Diego school board, who weren't as compliant as he apparently wishes his boards to be, according to critics, anyway.

So hey, it looks like it will be an entertaining ride, if all this comes true. We'll see tomorrow.

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