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HISD Teacher Accused of Molesting Special Needs Student

HISD Teacher Accused of Molesting Special Needs Student
Yet another Houston ISD teacher has been arrested on suspicion of having an inappropriate relationship with a student — this time with a special needs adult in his classroom.

HISD police arrested Albert Lee Randall of Wisdom High School in west Houston on Tuesday.

A teaching assistant for Randall told police that on February 3 he saw Randall inappropriately touch a 20-year-old special needs student during the school day.

"He observed [Randall] start to rub the complainant on the leg in a manner that appeared inappropriate," court papers state. "Witness states that he watched closer and saw [Randall] put his hand inside the complainants pants and rub on her vagina area."

The TA reported the incident to his supervisors, who called police. Questioned by the authorities, Randall initially denied touching the female student, who is nonverbal and unable to consent to sexual contact. Randall later admitted to police that he touched her inappropriately for at least 15 minutes, and knew what he was doing was wrong. But Randall still tried to justify his actions.

"The defendant claimed that if Complainant was a normal functioning person then the feelings would have been mutual and it would have been a good thing," police wrote in court papers.

According to the district, the allegations were first reported to school officials last month, and HISD immediately removed Randall, 54, from the school.

"The administration also notified HISD Police and Child Protective Services of the allegation," the district said in a statement.

HISD said police reported the findings of their investigation to the Harris County District Attorney's Office, which decided to proceed with criminal charges.

According to Harris County court records, Lee has no prior criminal history in the county.
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