HISD Teacher Needs Only One More Win To Become "Groom Of The Year"

Ernie Bainbridge

, a teacher at HISD's Walnut Bend Elementary, has only one person to beat to become the "Groom of the Year" for



The March Madness-style bracket challenge has him facing off in the finals against a musician from Nashville. Bainbridge would be very happy if you voted for him here.

How does one become Groom of the Year? As his fiancee, Lindsey Waddy, eagerly tells voters, almost all of whom we assume are wedding-obsessed females, "All of my bridesmaids and my mom live in Kentucky, so Ernie's really stepped up and been a huge help in planning this wedding. From going to bridal shows without complaining to going to meetings with vendors with me, he's been great."

So the route to victory is easy: De-ball yourself.

We are not big on public wedding proposals, but we'll admit that the kid factor in Bainbridge's is pretty damn cute. And he seems like a nice enough guy, so go ahead and vote for him. Winner gets a week's honeymoon at one of five resorts.

But dude, please -- unless you are there to forcefully turn down every up-sell by a vendor or a "Great Idea!" at some wedding-show booth, man up and stay home.

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