An all-girls' school for HISD?
An all-girls' school for HISD?

HISD To Consider All-Girls School

The Houston school district is considering a school limited only to girls, a district spokesman says.

A public meeting Monday night will discuss the possibility, Norm Uhl said.

The district already has an all-boys charter school, but an organization called The Foundation for the Education of Young Women wants to bring its own charter to town.

FEYW operates girls-only schools, from 6th to 12th grade, in five Texas cities, including Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

HISD board members Paula Harris and Anna Eastman have toured one of those schools, Uhl says.

The meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Monday at HISD HQ.

At the meeting will be FEYW executive director Carmyn Neely, who is not to be confused with hockey legend Cam Neely.

The group's "core values" statement:

Our schools shine as proof of the educational benefits of receiving an all-girls, college preparatory, public education. The schools offer young urban girls in Texas a choice in their education ... a choice for a brighter educational future. Each school is built upon our core values of College Preparation, Responsible Leadership, and Wellness Life Skills.


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