HISD Won't Close Three Schools Thanks to a Presidential Pardon

Just like the turkey who gets a presidential pardon right before Thanksgiving, three Houston ISD schools have been taken off the chopping block by executive privilege.

Flexing her new HISD board president powers, Juliet Stipeche removed Nathaniel Q. Henderson Elementary, Port Houston Elementary and Fleming Middle School from consideration for the closure that was proposed by Superintendent Terry Grier's administration.

However, trustees will still be voting on whether to close Jones High School and Dodson Elementary at their board meeting on March 13.

A closer look at the staff and principal at J.P. Henderson Elementary and their efforts to ensure every child on campus has access to a consistently, rigorous education in a safe environment.

In a press release sent out about Stipeche's decision, Grier was quoted as saying "I respect our board president's request to remove these schools from consideration."

Several community leaders as well as parents had objected to the closing of the schools before, during, and after community meetings held at each school. Wednesday, Grier promised that although they are still recommending that Jones and Dodson be closed, "We heard the community and used that feedback to develop proposals that we think will mitigate potential negative impacts to the affected school communities."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.