HISD's Drug-Sniffing Dog Ends Its Slump

It's been a tough time for HISD's drug-sniffing dog (today's name: Cocainey).

Even though he's been out every school day since December 11 -- district spokesman Norm Uhl tells Hair Balls more than a third of HISD's parking lots have been searched in that time -- he's been coming up empty.

Today, though Cocainey triumphs once again!!

Nabbed: A teacher at Roberts Elementary, one of the district's swankiest locations, just south of Rice University.

Drug of choice: Unnamed prescription pills, without a prescription on hand.

Uhl says the teacher was taken into custody.

It's not as dumb as having dope in the car -- who carries a prescription around all the time? -- but it does break Cocainey's disturbing slump.

We'll see if it's just a one-day comeback, or if the good times will continue to roll.

-- Richard Connelly


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