HISD's New Top Cop Has No Stance On The Drug-Sniffing Dog Issue

After this morning's ceremony to swear in Jimmie Dotson, the new Chief of Police for HISD, Officer V.L. Mitchell stood in the back, eating from the buffet as Dotson spoke to the news cameras at the front of the room.

Mitchell has been an HISD officer for 21 years, drove Dotson to the ceremony this morning, served as the interim chief during the fall semester and had interviewed for the chief's job.

"It was something I would have liked to do," Mitchell said. "But Chief Dotson is very well-read, very intelligent, and he has a lot of experience that he brings to a school district from a municipal side."

Mitchell added that after seven months serving as interim chief for the district, he's changed his mind because "it's been an experience," and "no, it's not" a job he'd like to do.

The big headlines for the past several months involving HISD police have come from the drug dog roaming through teacher parking lots and catching the alleged dope smokers and alleged pill poppers. Hair Balls asked Mitchell if it's been all the busts that changed his mind about the job, and he said no. He just wants to stay on the hands-on policing side of things.

New chief Dotson didn't know if he'd keep the district's search policy the same, but said it's something that's worth reviewing. Really, he doesn't plan on making any major changes right away.    

"The policies are the policies, but we may look at them and see what adjustments we need to make," Dotson said. "Right now, I can't say until I look at them and evaluate them. This is my first day."

-- Paul Knight

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