HISD's Saavedra Leaving In August, Paper Reports

If it turns out to be true -- and since it's the weekend it's tough to tell -- full kudos to the Bellaire Examiner for this scoop -- HISD superintendent Abe Saavedra's last day on the job will be August 31..

HISD board member Dianne Johnson told the paper that Saavedra has told the board he's gone as of the end of August; previously it was assumed he would stay on until a successor was named.

The paper said Johnson wasn't sure how the announcement would affect the timing of announcing a new superintendent:

"That will depend on the pace/quality of applicants from the search," she wrote in an e-mail response to the Examiners' questions about Saavedra's notification. "If all goes well, the timing should be about right."

Saavedra had initially indicated he would be willing to serve through next March, and the board has engaged a search firm in what they hoped would be an accelerated process to identify a new replacement as quickly as possible.

If it's true, that means HISD essentially starts the new school year with either a new, or an interim, superintendent.

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