Historic (For Houston) Immanuel Lutheran Church Is Preserved

Sure, it's younger than Angie Dickinson, but the Immanuel Lutheran Church at 15th and Cortlandt in the Heights is still historic. (So's Angie, to Police Woman and Rat Pack fans.)

"The building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is a wonderful example of early 20th century Gothic Revival architecture and is a landmark in the neighborhood," says Tim Brookover, of city council member Sue Lovell's staff.

Lovell and council member Edward Gonzalez are putting out official thanks today to the Immanuel Congregation, which has decided to preserve the sanctuary and turn it into "a museum of Lutheran history," which we're sure will involve lots of 3-D displays and a kid's section where they can use safe rubber hammers to nail 95 thesis to a door.

Whether or not the museum is a new Disneyland, the decision does keep a favorite building in the neighborhood alive and well.

"The preservation of the Immanuel sanctuary is an answer to our prayers, and now the work begins," Lovell said.

"This was a great collaborative effort by many," Gonzalez said. "A special thanks goes to the Immanuel Lutheran community for their willingness to embrace historic preservation."

The sanctuary is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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