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Johnathan Joseph To Announce Houston Texans Second Round Pick

Johnathan Joseph will be announcing the Texans' second round pick on Friday night.
Johnathan Joseph will be announcing the Texans' second round pick on Friday night. Photo by Eric Sauseda
The year 2010 represents a milestone for the NFL Draft, for it was in 2010 when the NFL really took the draft as a television product to the next level, making what had been a two-day, Saturday-Sunday event into a truly made-for-TV, prime time extravaganza. It became a three-day event, with the first round having its own contained night on television on Thursday night.

It was around this time that the NFL began to really color outside the lines with the way they announced picks on the second and third days of the draft, as certain selections would be announced by team legends, fans and even astronauts in outer space (more on this in a moment). On Friday night, that tradition continues, and for the Texans, it means that team legend Johnathan Joseph will announce the Texans' second round pick (right now, 37th overall), live from Las Vegas.

If you believe in the football gods, then perhaps you think it matters who announces your team's celebrity picks. If the quality of the pick is in direct correlation with the quality of player and human being, Joseph will announce the Texans' selecting a future Pro Bowler. We all love Johnathan Joseph! However, history shows there is actually very little correlation between celebrity pick announcer and caliber of selection.

Here is the Texans' celebrity pick announcer history, with the players they announced in parentheses):

2011 - AARON GLENN (2/42. Brooks Reed, 2/60. Brandon Harris)
Glenn is a former Pro Bowler for the Texans from their early days as a franchise. He got to announce two second round picks in 2011. One of them worked out fine, as Brooks Reed was a four-year starter. Brandon Harris was a complete washout.

2012 - DANNY CLARK (3/68. DeVier Posey, 3/76. Brandon Brooks)
Danny Clark was a linebacker in the mid 2000s, and like Glenn, he got to announce one solid pick and one failure. Brooks was a four-year starter for the Texans, and became an All Pro in Philadelphia. Posey tore his Achilles in the playoffs his rookie year and was never the same.

2013 - STEVE McKINNEY (2/57. D.J. Swearinger)
Steve McKinney was the center for the Texans during the David Carr Era, and in 2013, he introduced one of the all time mercurial Houston Texans, safety D.J. Swearinger. The safety out of South Carolina was probably best known on the field for his multiple unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in the game that got Gary Kubiak fired, the loss at Jacksonville in 2013. Off the field, he was best known for skipping out on his tab when a business in Houston wrapped his car in a gigantic Batman decal. Also, his dog once bit Jadeveon Clowney. The DJ Swagg Era was something else.

2014 - CHESTER PITTS (2/33. Xavier Su’a-Filo)
Chester Pitts will show up again on this list. In 2014, he announced one of the most puzzling picks in franchise history. Xavier Su'a-Filo started a bunch of games in his four seasons in Houston, but was abjectly terrible, Still, he has managed to hang around the NFL for another five seasons since then.

2015 - ERIC BROWN (2/43. Benardrick McKinney)
Eric Brown started three seasons worth of games in the Texans' early years, and in 2015, he announced inside linebacker Benardrick McKinney as the 43rd overall pick. Solid enough.

2016 - AMOBI OKOYE (2/50. Nick Martin), CHESTER PITTS (3/85. Braxton Miller)
Amobi Okoye was a former first round pick in 2007, and in 2016, he would announce the selection of one of the most overpaid players in franchise history, center Nick Martin, a Bill O'Brien favorite. Pitts would show up again and, like he did in 2014, he would draft a bust. This time it was former Ohio State quarterback turned receiver, Braxton Miller.

2017 - ANDRE JOHNSON (2/57. Zach Cunningham), BRIAN CUSHING (3/89. D’ONTA FOREMAN), OUTER SPACE (4/130. Julien Davenport, 4/142. Carlos Watkins, 5/169. Treston Decoud, 7/243. Kyle Fuller)
Future Hall of Famer Andre Johnson would make his first appearance announcing picks in 2017, informing the world the Texans had selected Zach Cunningham, who was decently productive during the O'Brien Era, but would swirl to the bottom of the football toilet after signing his extension in 2020. He was released in 2021. Brian Cushing became the first active player in Texans history to announce a pick, with the selection of D'Onta Foreman in the third round. The big loser here was the American aerospace program, as a group of astronauts would announce a slew of failures in Day 3.

2018 - ANDRE JOHNSON (4/103. Keke Coutee)
Andre Johnson showed up a year later, and followed up his announcement of Cunningham with the announcement the Texans would take WR Keke Coutee in the fourth round. Yawn.

2019 - DeANDRE HOPKINS (2/54. Lonnie Johnson, 2/55. Max Scharping)
Hey, it's another active player announcing picks, and this time it's DeAndre Hopkins! Unfortunately, Hopkins announced back to back picks of Max Scharping and Lonnie Johnson. Maybe Bill O'Brien blamed Hopkins for these picks, and that's why he traded him.

2020 - No celebrity announcer, COVID draft
COVID canceled a lot of things, including celebrity draft pick announcers. DAMN YOU, COVID!

2021 - CHESTER PITTS (3/67. Davis Mills)
If you want to see someone talk themselves into a corner, go watch Chester Pitts announce Davis Mills as the selection of the Houston Texans last year. Pitts came out to the Cleveland crowd with a speech to kiss Cleveland's ass, and realized just in the nick of time that he was on the verge of completely disrespecting the Texans, who were the ones that sent him to rep the team in the first place! The NFL doesn't allow embedding of the video, but here is the link. It's stupendous.

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