History with Bill Brown

I got a little history lesson while watching the Houston Astros game last night. Bill Brown told me that Brooklyn Dodger owner Walter O’Malley flew over the undeveloped land in Chavez Ravine and decided that was where his ballpark should be located.

Funny thing, I thought that there was a Mexican-American community located there and that many of its residents were forcibly evicted in order to clear room for the stadium. But what do I know? I can believe the history books, or I can believe the broadcaster. I like Bill Brown, but I’m believing the history books. Brownie, you should spend a little less time with the HBO and a bit more with the books.

Enough of that.

The Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers last night by a score of 4-1. This was Roy Oswalt’s fifth straight game in which he surrendered one earned run or less. It’s a real shame Roy Oswalt is the only pitcher upon whom the Astros can depend. Now if the team would just do something about spots two through five in the starting rotation.

Now, Los Angeles is supposed to be a magical city – it’s where they make movies after all. And how magical is Los Angeles? I’m glad you asked. Los Angeles is so magical that Jason Lane hit a home run.

You read that right. Jason Lane hit a home run.

Los Angeles is so magical that Bill Brown was still talking about the possibility of the Astros making a run for the playoffs. Luckily Jim Deshaies was around to give out a dose of reality – he mentioned that the Astros would need a massive collapse from a whole bunch of teams to get back into the playoff hunt.

But I can’t just praise Jim Deshaies. I’ve got to note that he still thinks Jason Lane should be on the Astros next season because he’s good defensively and he’s got power. Sure, he thinks Lane should only be the fourth or fifth outfielder.

I think Brown and Deshaies both had a little fairy dust during the game last night.

There are still three games left in La La Land. That means pitching appearances from Matt Albers, Jason Jennings and Wandy Rodriguez. Playoffs, here we come. – John Royal

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