Hobby Airport, Kicking Some Customer-Service Ass

Airports Council International has recently confirmed what Hair Balls already knew: Houston Hobby is one of the best mother-effin' airports in the world!

William P. Hobby Airport was recognized in the ACI's Airport Service Quality Awards as one of the five top-performing airports of its size in the world, and got props for customer service as well. And while Bush Intercontinental may be bigger and less crackhouse-like, that ungainly behemoth didn't even place!

As a Houston Airport System press release explains, the results were "based on more than 200,000 questionnaires completed by passengers at 108 airports worldwide, with daily interviews year round to capture trends, peaks, and varying travel periods."

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Airport System Spokeswoman Marlene McClinton tells Hair Balls the competition was stiff. With heavy-hitting mainstays like Hong Kong International nabbing top spots, Bush Intercontinental still has a little ways to go.

Bush is "an emerging international airport when you compare the size and the...traffic, if you will," McClinton says. "Now when you look at Hobby, from the standpoint if a smaller airport, Hobby seems to have an extremely loyal following regarding its customer service. People like that airport."

She says the folks in charge of the 81-year-old facility put a premium on customer service, doing things like nixing the endless automated recordings you find at bigger airports and replacing those with "soothing music," whenever possible.

"They try to create a very calm atmosphere over there," she McClinton says.

'Tis true. Hair Balls has always thought of Hobby as a lot like the Rothko Chapel -- a place for tranquility and meditation. Plus, it's pretty close to a Taco Cabana!

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