"Homescholers For Perry": NOT Photoshopped, In Case You Were Wondering

Every week or so, since Rick Perry entered the GOP presidential primary, we've gotten an e-mail from someone wanting to know whether our semi-famous "Homescholers for Perry" picture was photoshopped.

Usually, it's because they are trying to refudiate a claim from some Perry supporter that the image has obviously been tampered with.

Just to be clear and on the record: No, it wasn't.

It's part of a slideshow shot for us by photographer Bryan Williams.

He, and reporter Pete Vonder Haar, went out to Cypress in February 2010 to see a rally featuring the Holy Trinity of the Tea Party: Perry, Sarah Palin, and Ted Nugent.

Yes, they survived.

The Super Bowl Sunday event had been widely hyped but was underattended, Vonder Haar wrote:

If I'm going to be charitable about it, I'd say the center was filled to slightly over half its 8,500-seat capacity. Most of the rear of the arena was empty, as was about three-quarters of the floor, which had been sectioned off for presumably more teeming masses. Speaking with some of those in attendance, it also became apparent that this number would have been dramatically lower without Palin's presence. Some folks had come from as far away as San Antonio and Austin to hear her speak.

I didn't ask how many were there to see Ted Nugent.

And yes, somewhere in the crowd was a young man waving his "Homescholers for Perry" sign. We have the photographic proof.

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