Honest Tea Is Coming to Houston to Test the Honesty of "Houstonites"

Next Thursday, August 16, here in Houston, Maryland-based tea company Honest Tea will be conducting an honesty experiment to see how many of us Houstonians are dirty thieves and liars.

Somewhere in the city -- they won't say where, of course -- the company is setting up a kiosk full of their product with an honor-system jar suggesting one dollar per drink.

"We aren't exactly giving away free tea, but that is the beauty of this experiment. People who walk by the unmanned kiosk stocked with tea have a choice to either take the tea or to pay $1 for a bottle, based solely on the honor system," says Sophie Latapie, a spokesperson for the promotion/experiment.

The accompanying press release called us "Houstonites," which sorta reminds me of Mennonites.

The social science project of sorts is going on all next week in 30 cities at 50 locations across the country.

"The data collected will be released on August 20 as the first "National Honesty Index," with official statistics based on the cities and categories measured," adds Latapie. The study will be broken down further by demographics in each data pool. Young and old, men and women, you get the idea.

So I implore you, fellow Houstonians -- from the bottom of my heart -- if you see a kiosk full of delicious, refreshing iced tea in the middle of this sweltering and humid August just sitting in the middle of a busy mall or strip center, please pay for it.

Or don't. Go ahead and make us look like immoral ingrates to the rest of the country, which can't be worse than the hyper-religious, gun-toting cowboys they already think we are.

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