Horndogs, Don't Bother Rushing To That Kama Sutra-Based Yoga Class

When Hair Balls heard that Jenny Yoga was hosting this weekend's Kama Sutra Dance Journey, where students could learn "dance movements directly culled from the Kama Sutra," our brain began to spin with images: a room full of dancers "penetrating the eye," "climbing the tree," doing "the gazelle and the stallion" and the "blow of the bull" -- like an orgy, but with clothes!

Then we called instructor Hemalayaa, in town from California to teach the class, and...yeah, no. The class doesn't have partners. "They are provocative, sensual, seductive movements," she said, "not with a partner but with yourself."

Okay, so which Kama Sutra positions does she use? After some mystifying talk about "modalities" like "sound vibrations" and "visualization," Hemalayaa eventually said that what she taught was more "inspired by" than "directly culled from" the Kama Sutra.

One move is called the "Marilyn Monroe," she said. "We squat like we would do in yoga, but we put our hands on our knees and wind our hips around in a circle, and play with our expression on our face...it's a very flirty kind of position."

Despite the circling hips and flirty face, it's not just about seducing a partner. "It's about luring in what you truly desire in life...Is it a relationship or is it a strong career or being a better parent?"

So it's not about sex at all then? "No," said Hemalayaa. "It's related to sensuality, and that's different than sex. I don't want to scare people."

-- Cathy Matusow

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