Hot Wheels

Dan Dalstra/The Brazosport Facts
This was Frankie Muniz in December. To imagine him today, just add some facial hair and a faux-hawk.

The walk to the Grand Prix of Houston was hot; a barren expanse of parking lot. Off in the distance, the whizzing of the open-wheel cars around the track sounded like locusts; a pillaging mob circling the vacant Astrodome.

Inside the gates, the buzzing rarely stopped, making earplugs a necessity, which in turn served as a buffer for everyone in the crowd, blocking out everything but each person’s own thoughts. This solidarity of solitude increased in the grandstands, where folks sat next to each other, staring at the cars whizzing by, unable to hear each other.

At the Celebrity Go-Kart Race, several photographers circled Malcom in the Middle star Frankie Muniz, who was looking a little sketchier than he did last December in Angleton. He’s now sporting some spotty facial hair and a faux-hawk.

My companion compared the entire experience to the time she visited a psychic, when she was looking for answers but wound up leaving more confused. And it was a little tough at times to figure out what exactly had brought all those folks to sit and cook in the sun at Reliant Park. Perhaps it’ll be more evident tomorrow, during the actual Grand Prix race for the Champ Car World Series. Then again, you never know what the future holds. – Keith Plocek

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