Hottest Houston Media Women Tourney Boasts Cuties and Some Controversy

Dear, Kelly Kelly, How does it feel to only be the 17th hottest woman in Houston media?

During yesterday's J&R show on Sports Radio 610 AM, the two hosts, Josh Innes and Rich Lord, unveiled the winner of the "play-in game" in their Hottest Houston Media Women Tourney.

The single-elimination competition is fashioned after NCAA March Madness and pits Innes's and Lord's choices for the most bodacious babes in the Bayou City's media scene.

Unfortunately for Hot 95.7 FM's Kelly Kelly, she's apparently not worthy of the "Smokin' 16" because she fell to KHOU 11's Lisa Chavarria by a narrow 412-vote margin. The announcement was made during Monday's drive-time hour following an odd non sequitur celebrating the birthday of The Stylistics' Russell Thompkins Jr., the dreamboat-y falsetto lead in such love dusties as "You Make Me Feel Brand New" and "Betcha by Golly Wow."

According to the radio personalities, the votes were completely online based and didn't pooh-pooh multiple votes by the same perv sports talk radio listener.

As a result, the jock-tastic competition is attracting some controversy from the online community, many of whose members have also chimed in to cry foul about the original 17 selections. (For example, commenters are up in arms about Theresa from The Buzz 94.5 FM and KPRC 2's Mariza Reyes getting kicked to the curb.)

Also, Hair Balls noticed that online voting was originally slated to close at 2 p.m. but then it was inexplicably changed to 5 p.m. Shortly after the play-in game's end, the gal in charge of tallying the votes made an on-air announcement that there was a 2,000-vote surge (out of 7,336) between 4:30 and 5.

Was Kelly Kelly actually winning at 2 and that's why the competition was extended by three hours?

It all may be moot anyway because, according to the J&R show, number-eight-seed Chavarria will "pretty much get run over by [number-one-seed and KPRC 2 reporter] Jennifer Reyna . . . it's like Duke versus the College of Charleston."

Voting is currently open for games in the Rich Lord Conference, which includes Lucy Nolan of KHOU 11 and KIAH 39's Mia Gradney. The Josh Innes Conference donnybrooks, which features a four-five matchup between Fox 26's Natalie Bomke and KPRC 2's Lauren Freeman, gets going on Friday.

To see the complete Hottest Houston Media Women Tourney bracket, click here.

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