Houdini The Museum District Goose Flies Coop, Leaves Mate Distraught

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The Goose is loose
​Biking up to work one afternoon, we spotted this sign on a telephone pole just south of the main campus of Houston Community College.

We wondered if the missing goose had been found, so we called the number. Dawn Adams answered. Adams is a daughter of Joy Boone, the matron of Daniel Boone Cycles, Houston's quirkiest bike shop and the Binz-area home of the missing goose.

This wasn't the goose's first escape -- just the one that took. It turns out she had such a knack for escape, Adams had named her Houdini.

"She was always getting over the fence," she says. "Once she got in that green grass, she never looked back."

Houdini was lasted spotted near HCC about a week ago but Adams says she was too busy at work at the time to follow up on that lead. She hopes she might find her in Hermann Park this weekend. There's a sense of urgency to the matter because Boone, Houdini's mate, misses her something fierce.

"He's mourning for her," Adams says. "Geese mate for life. I can't just go get a replacement because it wouldn't do a bit of good."

Adams says the other night Boone was too forlorn to eat his corn. He had to be led to his bowl. Boone had never needed such instructions before, Adams says.
He's also honking all the time and has become unusually aggressive. "We have to pen him up now more than is good for him," she says. "He's just constantly wailing. He just goes off."

Adams says she brought the geese to the bike shop from Channelview and that Boone, at least, had been content in his backyard enclosure, which includes a little pond.

Houdini was another story. She was always the one who dared to dream of a better life somewhere else. "I'm thinking maybe she doesn't want to be found," Adams says.

Perhaps not. Even though Boone's grief might be sincere, who can say what kind of husband he was behind pen doors? Maybe Houdini is better off on her own.

Adams says this weekend will be key. She will have time to scour the park. If Houdini is there, she thinks she will find her and bring her home.

Perhaps. Perhaps not. Maybe Houdini has other plans; maybe that whole mating for life thing is just a myth, and she's found a studlier gander with a pad down near the paddle boats.

Stay tuned: We will update this fowl little soap opera as developments occur.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.