Houston Actually Does Well On An EPA List

Oh, crap. The Environmental Protection Agency has put out another list.

This can't be good for Houston.

But.....it is?

Yes, apparently so: Houston is the top city in Texas -- and the third in the entire country, behind two frou-frou California cities -- when it comes to the number of "green" buildings.

Houston has 145 buildings that earn the EPA's "Energy Star" award, behind LA's 262 and San Francisco's 194. Dallas comes in at Number Five on the list, and Madison, Wisconsin -- the liberal bastion of liberal bastions -- is down at Number 25.

What the hell happened?

The EPA's Dan Bary isn't sure -- he tells Hair Balls that cities and companies report their Green Buildings to the EPA, which then double-checks them. Maybe some cities are more enthusiastic about making sure their buildings get the ranking.

"I can't give you specific reasons why Houston is ranked high," he tells us, although he'll set us up with someone who can at some point.

From the official release:

In 2008, more than 3,300 commercial buildings and manufacturing plants earned the Energy Star - EPA's label for high efficiency - representing savings of more than $1 billion in utility bills and more than seven million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. These buildings include schools, hospitals, office buildings, courthouses, grocery stores, retail centers and auto assembly plants.

You can look up all the Energy Star buildings in Houston here.

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