Houston Aggie Takes On Jeopardy

If you have a question about victims rights, you're probably going to want to ask Houston's renowned crime victims advocate, Andy Kahan.

If you have a question about practically anything else, you might want to try Kahan's son, Kyle. The Texas A&M student has been selected as one of the wiz kids to spar against Alex Trebek on this season of the Jeopardy College Championship.

Kyle Kahan, a senior who plans to attend law school, is the only student on the show who is enrolled in a Texas school, though he says there is another contestant from Texas who goes to Northwestern. He tells Hair Balls he's been trying out for Jeopardy since his freshman year. He failed the first-round online test the first two times, and the third time he made it to the second round, but again, did not make the cut. This year was his final shot.

"The fourth time was a charm," he says. "The persistence really paid off."

Kahan flew out to LA last month to tape the show, but isn't allowed to tell us how he fared. He does say it was quite something to be on the set after all the years of trying to get on the show.

"The most pressure was waiting to go on," he says. "And then Alex walks out and you're like, 'Wow, that's Alex Trebek.' And it hits you. But as the game starts and you get into the swing of things, that nervousness kind of goes away."

Kahan says he cringed when he saw the category "Fashion" up on the board, but was even more scared of the "Presidents" category.

"I was really worried," he said, "because if I missed any my friends would really get on me, because I always say that's kind of my specialty."

The episode with Kahan airs on November 10 at 11:37 p.m., when he'll go up against students from Ohio State and Stanford.

"I'll go back again next week," he says. "If I advanced."

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