Houston Airports Have New Artwork and Ways to Help You Avoid Travel Woes

I was driving out to Bush Intercontinental Airport one night last week and noticed those really odd lit displays that sit at the entrance to the area on JFK Boulevard, and I wondered why exactly the lights were moving the way they were. Then I realized they were supposed to be simulating fireworks, which brought me to my next thought, which was, "Is it a great idea to show people simulated explosives on their way to the airport?"

Well, if that art isn't really your speed, no worries because both airports are sporting some new flava this holiday season. According to a release from the City of Houston, nearly two and a half million people will pass through Bush and Hobby airports between December 16 and January 4 and they'll get to feast their weary eyes on ten new art pieces installed in the Hobby lobby (HA HA!).

But if you really don't care about the damn artwork and you just want to get on your plane and get the hell outta here (or get off your plane and get the hell backa here), they offer some tips for streamlining your airport experience and links to help you through.

Obviously, you should arrive early. Seriously, if you aren't doing this already, as DeAndre Cole and Lindsay Buckingham might say, "What up with that?" It's a hell of a lot easier if you get to the airport early, like at least an hour before your flight. That should give you sufficient time to get through security and sit paralyzed with fear before your flight takes off.

Also, and I'm giving you this tip, not them, wear simple shoes. This is not the time for lace-up dominatrix boots even if I do admire your dedication to the profession. Wear something easy to slip on and off and while passing through security, listen to what they are saying a few people in front of you. Don't be that guy who has his laptop buried inside his carry-on because you weren't paying attention when they told ten thousand people in front of you it had to be out.

Oh, and don't bring liquids. You should know that. But, apparently, you can bring pies and cakes?

A full list of tips plus links to everything from security point check time to flight times to parking availability is on their Web site fly2houston.com (clever). Also, you can follow both airports on Twitter at @IAH and @HobbyAirport. Not exactly a scintillating Twitter follow, but helpful.

Happy traveling.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.