Houston Anti-Trans Group Takes Time to Spread More Hate in Wake of Orlando Tragedy

The sputtering homophobes behind Houston's anti-trans/anti-Target "Campaign for USA" want you to know that while they mourn the Orlando tragedy, they still despise homosexuality. 

An opinion piece posted on the Campaign for USA site — launched by Houston attorney Jared Woodfill and Houston technically-a-doctor Steve Hotze, the hate-hydra that helped kill the HERO ordinance — states:

Of course, Christians, who are the main target of Islamic violence and killings around the world, sympathize with the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. But sympathy does not equal with endorsement to the homosexual agenda.

While Islamic nations as Saudi Arabia, which is a U.S. ally, condemn the gay agenda and homosexuals to death, Christians condemn only the gay agenda and help homosexuals get free from its physically, morally and spiritually deadly influence.

The piece, penned by anti-gay activist Julio Severo contains some real astute social commentary, like "nightclubs are major meeting points for homosexuals" and "Orlando is the home of the Disney World, an amusement park famed for advocating the gay ideology."

Is that what "the Disney World" is famous for? Is Space Mountain really just some sort of covert gay super-collider?

After adroitly noting that the 49 people gunned down in cold blood "die[d] in their sins," Severo places the blame for shooter Omar Mateen's unconscionable act upon "the insane pro-Islam immigration policies of a republic founded by Protestants, who never envisioned a nation to serve the gay and Islamic agenda."

We defer to Charles Kuffner over at the political blog Offthekuff.com on that one. Kuffner wrote a blurb on Campaign for USA shortly before the Orlando tragedy. After the news broke, he edited it with a postscript we think sums things up perfectly:

I drafted this before the horrible mass murder in Orlando, and when I looked at it again as I scheduled it for publication, it was difficult to fight down the revulsion that I feel for these two hateful bastards. What happened in Orlando is the effect of stigmatization and dehumanization. I don’t care what drove this particular gunman to do what he did. The root cause is hatred and fear of The Other. Jared Woodfill and Steven Hotze bear a piece of the responsibility for that.
In light of the raw emotions of the surviving victims, and of the families of the 49 souls who died, Campaign for USA's vitriol is more offensive than usual.  There's simply no place for such wretched opportunism. 
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