Houston!! Are You Ready For A Tea Par-Tay?!?!?!

Tomorrow is the big day: The Houston area will be the site of a dozen or so tea parties.

They're going on all over the country. It's possible that the Fox News network might provide some coverage.

The parties are to protest all that spending that's going on in Washington; you are no doubt familiar with all the conservative protests over the past eight years about Bush's spending. Weren't those protests great?

According to this video of a prior tea party in February, expect signs that say things like "I Want My Child to be Born in the USA, Not the USSA" and "Government Healthcare is Like British Teeth."

According to the Houston Tea Party Facebook page, there's plenty to worry about tomorrow at Jones Plaza at 4 pm.

One commenter warns: "According to Freedom Fighter Radio, ACORN groups are 'gate crashing' Tea Parties pretending to be anti Obama and asking people to sign petitions so they can get your names and addresses. Please do not sign anything at the Tea Parties unless you are sure where the petitions have come from and are legit."

"We're aware of it and are taking care of it," an organizer says. (Fireworks!)

Then there's the matter of what your protest sign should say. Commenter Felicia Winfree Cravens is such a card: "What will your sign say? I just stumbled on one on Twitter that I dare not use, but it was so funny. At least for the computer-game set here: CONGRESS: ALL YOUR BUTTS ARE BELONG TO US! (It's a Japanese mistranslation mangled further)."

Hey, thanks for explaining, Felicia, and for having the civility not to use such a terrible word as "butts" in a sign.

Deborah Needham Bohm has another suggestion: "Don't Mortgage My Future (for our grand kids to have to pay back) their not even born yet !!!"

Jones Plaza is at 601 Louisiana. Have fun, kids!

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