Houston Area Could Have Temps in the 50s This Week

A couple weeks ago, we told you hurricane season was over and cooler weather was on the way. This is one of those times we really don't mind saying, "I told you so."

While the tropics are still quite active -- we are in the heart of hurricane season, after all -- the steady stream of cool fronts moving our way has begun in earnest the tropical weather pattern Texas enters as we amble towards October. Typically, cool fronts move through and steer storms away from our part of the Gulf, moving them eastward along their boundaries. The bonus is they bring with them cooler weather like what we should see this week.

We had one of the soggier couple of days we've seen in the last month or so over the weekend thanks to a bunch of moist, unstable air ahead of a cool front that should move through Tuesday morning. It will be reinforced by a second front next weekend. In between, we will see highs in the 80s -- with a particularly cool day on Wednesday with some forecasters predicting temperatures not going above 81 or 82 degrees -- and lows dipping down possibly as low as the upper 50s.

When we got our first lows in the 60s last week, it was the first time we'd seen that since spring. As fall continues to encroach on the area, we'll continue to see that gradual slide towards the kind of weather much of the country will envy come December and January.

There will still be times when it will feel like a sauna and we will probably see a 90-degree day or two before the end of the year, but with cooler temperatures and generally wetter conditions forecast throughout the fall and winter months for our area, I doubt there will be many.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.