Houston-Area Dude Tries to Walk $737,000 of Liquid Meth Across Border in Beer Bottles

John Derrick Phelps, 23, was acting like any other tourist coming back from Mexico with a little souvenir cerveza.

A 12-pack of brew, nothing to look at, officer -- no really, nothing to look -- GODDAMMIT don't look at it!! It's just beer!!

That was probably his thought process as he was questioned by a Border Patrol officer who thought he was acting suspiciously.

The officer decided to do a little further investigation, and officials soon found the 12 bottles did not contain beer, but instead $737,000 worth of liquid meth.

ValleyCentral.com reports that Phelps and another Houston-area man, William Leon Holley, were arrested this week.

Holley was to meet Phelps on the American side and put him and the beer on a bus to Houston, the Web site reported.

"Both men claimed that they suspected something was wrong but didn't know what the bottles were filled with," it said.

For what it's worth, court documents show Phelps charged with possessing with intent to distribute 22.28 kilograms of liquid meth, which would take considerably more than 12 12-ounce bottles to hold.

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Richard Connelly
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