Houston Area Might See Some Winter Weather as Soon as Friday

It's so damn hot in Houston most of the time, we forget what cold weather feels like. Then, we get a week where it doesn't make it out of the 50s and we wish for warmer climates if only because frozen margaritas seem so much less appealing when it is 40 degrees outside. Right now, we're in the midst of one of those "cold" stretches we have about once every winter, but we might be adding some precipitation to that list in the form of sleet.

Don't go running in the house to grab your winter boots just yet there, kiddo. Whatever wintry stuff we do have, according to the National Weather Service, will be located to the north and northwest of us from a line between College Station and Huntsville from the early morning hours tomorrow through lunchtime.

Getting freezing precipitation in Texas is something that requires a lot of the right things coming together all at once, which is what makes it so rare. For those of us inside the city limits, we'll get some more rain -- only moderate amounts -- but there is a better chance for the more severe stuff next week.

Check the map after the jump for more details about tomorrow's blizzard! Kidding.

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