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Houston Astros Dump Shawn Chacon

Well, the Astros are in the process of conducting a press conference regarding last night's action involving Shawn Chacon and Ed Wade. As would be expected from the Astros, they are not at fault. Everything is the fault of Shawn Chacon.

Despite what the Chron reported, Wade states he never raised his voice, nor did he direct profanity in the direction of Chacon at any time. The Astros also announced he was being placed on waivers, and that if not claimed, he would be unconditionally released and not paid.

Now, Wade did contradict himself at one point, when he admitted that Chacon's agent had contacted the club on Sunday and on Tuesday, to request a trade. When interviewed last night, Wade claimed that the first he had heard of Chacon's request for a trade was from a media guy earlier yesterday.

It's also interesting in that Jose de Jesus Ortiz claimed he went to the Astros, after getting Chacon's side of things, and that he showed them Chacon's statements about the incident, and the Astros refused to comment. So, listening to this thing, it kind of sounds like Astros management went into isolation to search for the appropriate ass-covering comments.

I'm still sticking to my original thoughts: Shawn Chacon shouldn't have acted as he did, but this is as much the fault of Ed Wade and Cecil Cooper as it is Chacon. -- John Royal

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