Houston Bikers Being Harassed By an Idiot in a Honda Civic?

There may be a serial harasser of Houston bikers out on the city's inner-loop streets.

Biker Hayley Anna Jones wrote on the Critical Mass Houston Facebook page of a harrowing incident last night:

[A] motorist decide to harass me. First it was honking and speeding up/ getting super close and eventually rubbing it against my leg with his car. Then he decided to throw something out the window wich hit me in the face, I believe it to be food of some sort. So then I yell "fuck you" and he slams on his brakes puts in reverse and comes full force at me stoping just a few feet away.

I tried to catch up but he keep zig zagging and blocking me, causing my to almost hit his car several times while he is screaming "fuck you bitch I'm going to kill you" he then started to come at me in reverse again. Finally some people in a complex saw this and scared them off

The car, she said, was a black Honda Civic " '08 or newer" with a blond twentysomething at the wheel.

A one-time incident?

Maybe not. Other bikers quickly chimed in:

Tatiana Ruiz-Cornejo:

Marcos told me he was harassed by what sounds like the same guy. The guy threw a water bottle at Marcos in the Heights. Take care guys.

Jonathan White Puma Barbeito:

That happened to Patrick too! Near the same neighborhood and it too was a civic!

Rusty Riders:

we've been hit by that guy on heights bvld. he struck our group twice on 2 different saturday nights. been months.

If it is the same guy, he's not alone. Our Abrahán Garza, who bikes regularly with a group, says that twice they've been hit by a full gallon of water tossed from a car, even though it wasn't a Civic.

Be careful out there, people.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.