Captured on video, Brenda Floyd hits 94-year-old Dorothy Bratten.
Captured on video, Brenda Floyd hits 94-year-old Dorothy Bratten.

Houston "Caregiver" Arrested for Assaulting 94-Year-Old Woman

A Houston "caregiver" has been arrested and charged with injury to an elderly person, a felony, after she was captured on video slapping her 94-year-old client in the head multiple times.

After the video released by CrimeStoppers went viral, police reportedly received dozens of tips about the whereabouts of the caregiver, 59-year-old Brenda Floyd. On the video, Floyd began slapping Dorothy Bratten in order to wake her up while she slept in a chair, then continued slapping Bratten in the head, yelling and cursing at her, as she got up to use her walker. Floyd can be heard yelling at the woman for feeding the dog "human food."

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Floyd had been Bratten's caregiver for three years. Bratten's son, John Bratten, noticed one day that his mother had bruises up and down her body, according to records. When he asked her what had happened, she simply told him she fell down.

"John Bratten stated when he asked Dorothy Bratten was she being harmed by Brenda Floyd, Dorothy Bratten became nervous and scared," police wrote in the complaint.

And so John installed a camera at her home. On January 1, he found the video of Floyd hitting his mom and contacted police.

The incident begins around the 5:40 mark in the below video.

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