Cold Mizer has decided to grace Houston with his presence this year at Christmas...he's too much.EXPAND
Cold Mizer has decided to grace Houston with his presence this year at Christmas...he's too much.
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Ready for a Cold (Like Really Cold) Christmas in Houston?

Despite half of the world being in the heart of summer right now, most Christmas tales are told in some snowy winter village. Houston is way too big to be a village and, setting aside our early-December snowfall this year, is about as snowy as Miami. Still, many in these parts would at least like to be able to wear a sweater or a light jacket around the holidays.

You're in luck, bucko, but before we get to Christmas, let's discuss this week because it epitomizes Houston weather.

This week is not going to feel much like Christmas, at least during the work week. After a foggy, muggy, rainy day on Tuesday, it will be gorgeous and warm on Wednesday; a Chamber of Commerce day to be sure and the envy of people digging out of snow everywhere. But, like most weather patterns in Houston, that will change quickly.

Thursday and Friday are going to be overcast, humid and, get this, with highs in the mid to upper 70s. In fact, overnight Thursday, the low temperature might struggle to get below 70 degrees. What is this, April?

And just when you thought you could keep your shorts on, another front pushes through Friday night dropping temperatures rapidly and leaving us in the 50s Saturday, which is sort of where we begin to see the real start of the colder weather.

Right now, forecast models are split between a relatively wet and somewhat gross Christmas Eve with highs in the 50s to a much more mild and dry day with highs near 70. Doesn't make it easy to plan for holiday dinners, but, hey, if you want consistency, move to San Diego.

The one thing forecasts are nearly certain of is a change to chilly overnight Christmas Eve and a fairly strong surge of cold air filters into the area. Models are trending towards a dry frontal boundary passing through as Santa is making his rounds, so sorry kids, no White Christmas this year. But, by the time the cookies and milk are gone and the stockings are full, it will be quite nippy outside.

Temperatures on Christmas Day will struggle to get to the upper 40s. You'll likely need more than that ugly sweater on your trip to grandma's house, especially if you're a thin-blooded southerner. Skies should clear by the afternoon and it looks to be a glorious holiday. And, if like some of us, you might consider having a little post-family sip of the good stuff that evening, bundle up. It will get down to near freezing across the area with some potential for a hard freeze in the days following.

We know many of you wished for some cold weather over Christmas and it appears to have been granted.

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