Houston Chronicle Readers Aren't Buying The Latest Bit Of Desperation

The Houston Chronicle, in its bid to get as many clicks and eyeballs and whatevers on its website, has made many errors in judgment. There's the sex column Girl Dick. There's the plan to give every person who asks their very own personal blog.

And there's the "Hot or Not" feature.

Only several years behind the curve, the front page of the Chron regularly highlights a photo of some celeb and then asks readers whether they find the person hot or not. It's a powerful, dignified, thought-provoking use of bandwidth.

Unless you're a reader. Then you spend as much time blasting the Chron as you do voting whether someone's hot or not.

The most recent subject was Britney Spears (once again showing the cutting-edginess of it all).

Hot or not? People didn't really seem concerned:

-- "The Chron has lost it for posing such an asinine question."

-- "seriously chron, these "hot or not" polls are getting ridiculous. you post these on the "front page" - this isn't seventeen magazine. is this really newsworthy?"

-- "1. Kind of a dumb question. Do people really get paid for this fluff? My 12 year old sister can come up with better substance than this.
2. If you insist on filing space on the chron with shallow stuff like this, why not distinguish the old photos from the new ones for those readers who do not keep up with her looks"

-- "Yes, what she said. This is far beyond ridiculous. Thankfully there is absolutely no email provided on this website to make suggestions or complaints. Imagine that..."

-- "It's funny how the Tabloids are now reporting news while you do this crap."

-- "It's like I'm reading the E! channel with this nonsense. Chron.com: hot or not? NOT"

-- "You have got to be kidding me, we have oil in the Gulf of Mexico, North and South Korea are about to come to war and this is all the Houston Chronicle can find to write about....."

-- "If someone is being paid by the Chronicle for spending time posting this garbage...they should be fired. As well as whoever gave such a serious journalist the go ahead....let's see: economy, oil leak, war in Middle East, border problems, heat. This is NOT newsworthy. Let's see...coming on the heals of atheists who are hot. C'mon Chronicle, you're the only newspaper left in Houston, act like it."

Hey, at least they all clicked on the item. Which is all the Chron cares about, apparently.

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Richard Connelly
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