Houston Community College's Police Department Is Under Fire

All is not well at the Houston Community College police department.

Over the past six months, several officers have either been fired by Police Chief Gregory Cunningham or filed complaints with federal employment officials alleging unfair treatment, discrimination and retaliation. And other officers have written anonymous and signed letters to the college system's board of trustees concerned that Cunningham does not have the right experience to run the department and is implementing policies and procedures that could place students and other officers in harm's way.

Several current and recently terminated officers have told college administrators and trustees their stories of unfair treatment and safety concerns, but so far, little has been done.

Board chairman Dr. Michael P. Williams says that there are several investigations underway examining the numerous allegations, but so far none have been completed, therefore neither he nor the college can discuss the accusations. For the moment, at least, officials at HCC are keeping mum.

But the officers are not. As additional letters of concern continue to find their way to the trustees, officers paint a picture of a fractured police department, and most of the fingers are pointing at Cunningham.

To learn more about what some officers say is happening at HCC, read this week's feature, "Under Fire."

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