Houston Company Fails To Bribe Its Way To Success In Iraq

Ah, the Iraq War. Great opportunity to do bid-ness, Houston-style.

It's all fun and games until the FBI gets involved, though.

Houston-based EGL, also known as Eagle Global Logistics, has agreed to pay the federal government $750,000 to settle allegations that they bribed employees of KBR (Halliburton, to you old-school folks) in order to get a contract to help with the shipping of military supplies to Iraq and Kuwait.

The new fine brings the amount EGL has paid to the feds over $5 million.

What did EGL offer to get the KBR contract?

It's a little dull, actually: "From March 2003 through March 2005, EGL provided various meals, sporting-event tickets and other gifts to KBR employees responsible for administrating the subcontract," says Davilyn Walston of the Department of Justice.

What, no hookers and coke? KBR, you're selling yourself cheap these days.

Don't tell that to the feds, though:

"Procurement fraud is a serious violation which undermines the integrity of all those sworn to adhere to the rules and regulations governing contracting activity,” said Rebecca A. Gregory, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas.

-- Richard Connelly

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