Houston Company Tapping Into The Obama Magic

The election of Barack Obama was a surprising temporary revenue stream for the embattled print media -- papers sold out, additional copies describing the victory sold out, and now companies like The New York Times are offering a cornucopia of Obama-related items for sale. (Framed edition of the front page declaring victory? Fifty bucks.)

It's a Houston company, however, that is offering an Obama calendar, just in time for the holidays.

Cushcity.com may be under the radar for a lot of us, but the company has blossomed into a huge online seller of stuff aimed at the African-American consumer -- books, plays, shirts, CDs.

Owner Gwen Richardson tells Hair Balls they've never printed a calendar before, but customers were demanding it.

"We did some research and none of the ones on the market were the quality that we thought our customers would want, with color photos, particularly that included the entire Obama family," she says.

Other Obama stuff, like buttons and shirts (and, yes, commemorative plates), had sold well, and she expects the calendar to do the same.

"We sent an e-blast to our customer list and to retail outlets one week ago and have already received orders for close to 1,000 calendars. We expect to sell at least 10,000 between now and the spring of 2009," she says.

There are currently no plans to have a Sarah Palin calendar, we assume.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.