Houston Cop Becomes National TV Star Tonight

ABC is premiering another newsmagazine, this one called


, and the star in the first show is a Houston cop famous for his interrogation skills.

(In case you're wondering, rejected names for the series included Primetime: Crime: Dime: Lime: Mime SUV.)

HPD Homicide Sgt. Brian Harris, ABC says, is "the grand inquisitor" of the department.

The harsh interrogation techniques favored by legends like Pearl are not used here, Harris tells the network.

"Yelling at 'em, smacking 'em, making 'em feel like a piece of dirt...at least here in Houston, Texas, it's not gonna work...I treat them with dignity," he told ABC News' Chris Cuomo. "If they can see me as a person that views them with dignity, the chances of communicating are starting to open up."

Indeed, in the more than 12 unedited interrogations supplied to ABC News, most feature Harris as a cordial confidante.

The network says it got "unprecedented access" to HPD operations for the show, which airs tonight at 9, pending what President Obama's speech does to the schedule.

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