Houston Cougars to Battle BYU Cougars in Battle of Cougar Town

cougar town.jpg
Prepare for Houston to become Cougar Town.
The Houston Cougars announced yesterday that they'll be playing a home-and-home series with the BYU Cougars starting in 2013. The first game will be in Houston on October 19, 2013, and UH will travel to Provo, Utah, on September 27, 2014. So of course I have a few thoughts to share.

10. BYU is not the national power it once was when it was the NFL's QB factory, producing the likes of Jim McMahon, Gifford Nielsen and Steve Young. Then again, despite their best efforts, UH is not yet the national power it once was, albeit briefly, in the late 1970s when Bill Yeoman's bunch was running roughshod over the Southwest Conference. But here's hoping, especially with the Cougars, that this has changed for the better come 2013.

9. At the moment, it appears that BYU will be filling the role of the one legit out-of-conference opponent on the UH schedule. This year and next, that opponent is UCLA.

8. Have you noticed the dates of the games? Yeah, that's right, you conspiracy nuts, those dates would fit perfectly into the Big 12 conference schedule. A conference which both schools are rumored to be joining once the Aggies split for the SEC.

7. Should that actually happen, the Cougars would have to find another school to fill the slot of the legitimate out-of-conference team. Outside of UCLA and then BYU, the Cougar out-of-conference includes powerhouses Georgia State, Texas State, Louisiana Tech and next year Louisiana Tech and UT-San Antonio. Yeah, even Kansas State and Bill Snyder think that schedule's a bit weak.

6. You can expect a lot of hacks, i.e., me, to start making Cougar Town jokes. Maybe Courteney Cox and crew will come into Houston and film an episode of Cougar Town while the Cougars are battling the Cougars.

5. If the game is actually played in Robertson Stadium, one can expect that, unlike Texas Longhorn fans, the BYU fans won't bitch and whine and moan about the poor facility.

big love.jpg
4. Then again, if the game has to be played at Robertson Stadium, perhaps UH can recruit the BYU squad to go door-to-door, but instead of doing the Mormon missionary thing, they can raise the rest of the needed funds to fix the stadium.

3. With all of the news about the Longhorn Network, you might be shocked to learn that BYU also has its own network. They don't make the news with this though because, unlike the Longhorns, BYU's not out to break every recruiting rule in the book.

2. Hey HBO, since Big Love's not on the air anymore, I've got an idea for another show. The Henrickson sister-wives come to Houston for the game and visit one of the city's many strip clubs, where Nicki becomes a big hit when she unbuttons the top button of her blouse.

1. But no matter what, it should be an exciting game as both teams will unlikely feature high-octane pass first offenses. Meanwhile, let's all settle in and enjoy the upcoming season kicking off next week.

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