Houston Doomed If Obama Wins

Douglas MacKinnon is a former press secretary for Bob Dole; he's now a political columnist and talking head.

He obviously takes a GOP view of things, but in his latest column he offers a compelling reason for Houstonians to vote for John McCain -- if they don't, the Galleria will blow up.

MacKinnon writes from the point of view of a four-star general in the midst of the first Obama administration.

The general knew from the start things wouldn't go well:

Soon after taking office, President Obama not only worked with the Democrat majority in Congress to rescind all aspects of the Patriot Act, but during his first national press conference, declared that the Bush doctrine of destroying terrorists bent on the eradication of the United States from the face of the earth was, “immoral, obscene and criminal,” and that “charges would be filed against those in our military and intelligence services who carried out these crimes against humanity.”

And who paid the price? The kind of Houstonians who shop at the Galleria.

The “humans” that President Obama sought to treat as criminals instead of terrorists -- including and especially those he had released from Guantanamo -- quickly and lethally reconstituted themselves once the new president outlawed the harsh measures employed by the previous administration. Once rebuilt, rearmed, re-teamed, and refunded, the terrorists logically began to strike out at their most despised enemy: The United States.

With a massive explosion in the Galleria section of Houston, two corporate jets being flown into the Sears Tower in Chicago, ten bombs simultaneously detonated at various popular and packed movie houses in New York City, and seven suicide bombings in some of Washington, DC’s most well known restaurants and hotels, the terrorists announced that they were once again, a fanatical force to be dealt with. A force, that had not only just killed over four-thousand Americans, but in conjunction with the Obama tax increases, Jimmy Carter-like interest rates, and growing unemployment, had crippled the U.S. economy.

Alas, the poor "Galleria section of Houston." We hardly knew ye.

So remember, voters -- if you still want your Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana, vote McCain-Palin!!

-- Richard Connelly

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