Houston Female Firefighters Get In On The Calendar Act

For years, the studs of the Houston Fire Department have been selling charity calendars to gay men all over the city. Possibly some women buy them, too.

Now -- to top off a year when female firefighters have alleged harassment and abuse by colleagues and lack of support from supervisors -- the women are getting in on the act.

Benefiting the fight against breast cancer, the Houston Women Fire Fighters Calendar is filled with pictures of sweaty women holding fire axes and hoses and other fire stuff. Unlike the men, they are not topless. Like the men, they are adorned with artful smudges to indicate their firefighting abilities.

(Just more evidence that sexy calendar season is in full swing.)

The idea was started "on a cocktail napkin," where all good ideas start, according to the website.

Put the blame on "Jeannice," according to the site.

"This is all your fault," the women behind the project sa on the site. "You dared us to follow through with the impossible. We took a project that logically would take the better part of 5 months plus to complete and made it happen in less than 8 weeks."

Besides a cover picture, the only shots of the calendar available on the site are mugshots of each months' model. They all seem to be fine-looking women, and worthy of your support in the fight against breast cancer.

The calendar models are holding a signing event this Friday night at The Drinkery on Washington Avenue, if you want to show your support in person.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.